Climeworks- Fighting climate change through new methods

What is Climeworks?

In an innovative and ambitious shot to reduce emissions, Climeworks is looking to remove Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They plan on using devices to ‘capture CO2 from ambient air’, and commercially sell this to greenhouses and drinks manufacturers.

Whilst not yet profitable, the venture has lofty aims of equaling 1% of global CO2 removed by 2025. This ambitious goal may not yet be attainable, and as noted by the organisation itself governmental actions or perhaps a price on carbon would go a long way into helping this venture become a success.

What does this mean?

The applications of this technology and the will to use it show a new tool in the fight against climate change, rather than simply reducing usage. This two pronged approach to fighting climate change shows that it is possible to make changes, the technology just requires the will behind it.

For more information on this technology, the below video will explain how Climeworks works:

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