Hydrogen fuel cells- Next step in renewable fuels?

Hydrogen fuel cells have been a growing topic in the car industry. With the growing consensus about the future of the energy industry pointing at the need for reliance on entirely renewable energy, manufacturers are slowly moving towards more climate neutral energy sources.

Focus has recently been pointed at electric vehicles, which is prominently emerging from advances in the technology of electric cars, and changing views to the conventional combustion engines. However, it seemed that the hydrogen fuel cell discussion was more speculative than tangible, which in the last week has changed considerably.

It is now a known fact that companies are investing in the technology that will allow cars to use hydrogen fuel cells, which are completely renewable and give off zero emissions. There is that much faith in this fuel succeeding the US government has plunged $465million into R&D that includes both electric and hydrogen technologies.

This level of investment proved to be very successful for the fledgling electric car industry, and looks to do the same for the hydrogen fuel industry.

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