NGP People: Meet Chris Shalliker

NGP people -Chris Shalliker

Role at NGP: Talent development and employee welfare

Start date: 11/1/2017

Random fact about yourself

I skated in a skateboard demo with two of Thrashers Skaters Of The Year (Salman Agah and John Cardiel).

Why did you join NGP?

I joined NGP for several reasons: firstly, I knew they had big plans to expand their workforce, which would allow me to help more and more people as the organisation grew. Secondly, I was aware as one of the fastest growing businesses in the north-east, I knew my current role would be challenging and constantly changing. In reality, we ended up doubling our estimated head count, meaning that it has been more challenging and fulfilling than I thought!

Favourite aspect of the job?

Helping people! In my role in talent development and employee welfare, I have the great opportunity to help people improve their work life balance, overcome anxieties, boost their confidence and fine tune their attitude and ensure they are motivated in their role, which in turn drives me.

One word to describe yourself?


How did you get into the energy industry?

I was approached by NGP, and I was impressed by their level of commitment to improving their staff. As the only energy consultancy to make space for my role, it is apparent that we put our people first as a forward thinking and innovative company.

What would you most likely be heard saying?

It’s only you that can change things for yourself.

Careers advice?

Come in, work like you never have before, and be flexible to change!

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