NGP People: Meet Kelly-Louise


NGP people -Kelly Convery

Role at NGP: HR Manager

Random fact:

Reckons she can make a good cheesecake, and passed her driving test first time Friday 13th.

Why did you join NGP?

When I relocated from Portsmouth I had several offers from firms, but on researching the companies I understood that NGP was a fast growing organisation where I could best apply my talents and grow career wise, I’ve moved from Senior Recruiter to Head of HR in 6 months, and my qualifications are fully supported by the company leaders, so there is definitely room to grow.

Favourite aspect of your role?

The variety each day brings and the people; they give the company a real family feel as everyone has the ambition to be successful and support each other along the way.

Word to describe yourself?


Why did you enter the energy industry?

The energy industry posed a new challenge, as it was an industry that I had never worked in before and it is very fast growing.

What are you most likely to be caught saying?

OH MY GOD or Aw you’re kidding!

Careers advice:

If you want something, go get it, get your head down and work for it, only you can control your future.

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