NGP People Present: Kirk!

We asked one of our Corporate Account Managers Kirk some questions about his time at NGP! Its easy to see why we were voted the best place to work 2017!

Why did you join NGP?

Heard amazing things about the company and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Favourite aspect of your role?

Working with the best management and sales force in UK and also having a NLP Coach on site to help when things get tough.

Word to describe yourself?

Determined, Friendly, Hardworking and I have a never give up attitude!

How did you find the training at NGP?

Brilliant.  Just what I needed to get that Fire back and up my game for the new job.

How did it differ from others in the industry?

Completely different work ethic over here, we all support each other from the minute we walk in until the last thing at night.

What are you most likely to be caught saying?

Like! I say it in every other word when pitching!

Thoughts on people unsure of joining NGP?

You get one shot in life, don’t be put off by people who hate their own lives. Make the move and it will be lift changing for you!

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