Now hiring: sales ninjas

NGP has launched a new recruitment campaign – have you seen it?

We’re searching for sales ninjas – even if you don’t know that you are one. Yet.

Sales ninjas: Calm. Composed. Focused. 

Can you speak to new customers confidently? Do you have ambitious career goals? Do you dream of being an awesome salesperson?

Our adverts on the Tyne and Wear Metros might have caught your attention…

Ninja metro advert

And our radio advert, now playing on Metro Radio, might just inspire the sales ninja in you to text CAREER and your name to 81222.

Would you like to find out more? It may help to see the NGP Sales Ninja in action:

Sound good? Join us.

Head over to our new careers site,, and choose a side based on your experience level:


> If you already have corporate sales experience, find out about our career benefits and how we can transform you into a sales genius. 

> If you do not yet have sales experience, learn about the many ways NGP can support your journey to becoming a sales ninja. 

Learn more:


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