Dan Smith

Head of Energy Services

Dan Smith, Head of Energy Services responsible for a wide ranging energy management portfolio helping Northern Gas and Power’s customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their bills.

He is as successful Head of Energy and Chartered Energy Engineer with a wide range of experience working for and with a variety of clients, including major blue-chip corporations such as IKEA, Rolls Royce Aerospace and Siemens. He has operated internationally (Europe, Africa and Asia) in FMCG and manufacturing sectors, and has a proven track-record of delivering and managing projects, developing and delivering operational strategies, and managing energy and influencing large corporates with respect to energy and sustainability. He is responsible for annual energy budgets up to £20m, and single value projects up to £3million.

His depth of experience bring to Northern Gas and Power extensive specialist knowledge gained from nearly 30 years energy engineering, energy services and energy management experience in many different sectors all over the world, from China to Zambia.

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