Time to showcase our collective regional strengths

We are a global business with our HQ in Gateshead (south of the Tyne) but we’ve watched with interest the north of Tyne mayoral campaign this past month.

There have typically been lots of sound bites and worthy sentiments, many of which will resonate we are sure.

Greater regional consensus

It’s no doubt a challenging time for regional economies with Brexit on the horizon. A greater regional consensus across politics, business, academia, community and third sector can only be a good thing. It can only be a good thing for these reasons. It …

  • increases understanding of the issues and challenges faced by each
  • grows an improved sense of unity
  • creates something greater than the sum of its parts

 Showcase expertise

A stronger north economy can aid efforts of businesses across the wider area.  We can showcase our expertise collectively in specialised hubs and highlight our regional assets. We can attract businesses from outside the area. And we can retain the brains of the future that are being taught in our amazing universities.

The result of this election won’t be the end, but the beginning. Whoever wins, it will require an enormous amount of work, but we hope the wider region can work together as there is incredible talent, innovation and entrepreneurship based here.

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